Aluforce Pro 100 Series

2-3 Days Aluforce Pro 100 Series
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Aluforce Pro 100 Series from Actiforce – Active Dynamic Working.


The Aluforce desk frames are Actiforce's original family of height-adjustable sit-sit and sit-stand solutions featuring the Vision Lift system. The Aluforce collection offers you aluminum-cased workspaces ranging from single-step to fully digital two-motor high-stroke frames.

Product Highlights:

  • Versatility: The range can be retrofitted to existing desktops or ordered with a new desktop.
  • Functionality: Soft start & stop function. 110HC and 140HC models use a hand-cranked mechanism.
  • Energy consumption: Spindle lifting system and low energy consumption.
  • Finish Options: White, Black, and Silver (all 3 finishes only available on selected models).
  • Accessories: A range of accessories available (refer to the accessories section in the Aluforce brochure).

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Height (mm): min 680 / max 1160
  • Stroke (mm): 460
  • Speed (mm/s): 6 (crank turn), 24
  • Width (mm): min 1100 / max 1700

           Aluforce Brochure