WorkFit-SR Dual Monitor

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WorkFit-SR Dual Monitor from Ergotron - Designed to move you.


The WorkFit-SR positions a complete workstation within the footprint of your desktop without protruding into your space. It clamps to the rear of most surfaces, converting any tabletop into a healthy sit-stand desk. This is a premium furniture retrofit solution, featuring refined aesthetics and superior material construction. When in the seated position, the thin worksurface always stays close to your desktop. The all-aluminium composition is extremely sturdy, allowing for easy, handle-free height adjustment.

  • This model is optimized to accommodate a single, lighter display
  • Premium aesthetics and sturdy construction: all-aluminum worksurface, bow and pivots
  • Work Surface/keyboard tray stays on top of the desktop, never intruding into your space
  • The ergonomic design offers 18" (45.7 cm) of in-tandem height adjustment for monitors and keyboard, with an extra 5" (13 cm) of independent lift for monitors. Screens tilt to your preferred angle and the deep worksurface lets you place the keyboard where you want it, controlling focal distance
  • Configuration flexibility makes WorkFit-SR well suited to taller users: worksurface can lift higher than other WorkFit models; monitor pivots can be installed at tall-user heights
  • Spacious worksurface accommodates any keyboard and mousing device with plenty of room for other desktop items
  • Internal cable management hides cord clutter; includes a pre-installed USB cable for easy connectivity
  • Five-year warranty: tested and guaranteed! Proven lift technology is reliable through thousands of adjustment cycles


         WorkFit SR Brochure                     WorkFit SR Installation Manual