The Elite story began back in 1986.  Building on 30 years of extensive industry experience, Elite has become a pivotal manufacturer of contemporary and adaptive office furniture.  Influenced by the modern-day workplace, Elite strive to embrace innovative techniques, using sustainable materials to produce efficient products that complement the office environment.

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Mobile Pedestal 2-3 Days

Mobile Pedestal

Mobile Pedestals from Elite.The Elite storage portfolio is c..

Personal Storage Units 2-3 Days

Personal Storage Units

Personal Storage Units from Elite.The collection of contemporary personal storage so..

Recycling Units 2-3 Days

Recycling Units

Recycling Units from Elite. Recycling units can encoura..

Wooden Planter Unit 2-3 Days

Wooden Planter Unit

Wooden Planter Unit from Elite.We all have an instinctive desire to be connected with nature and it..