When it comes to creating work environments, Bisley is the name people turn to for quality they can trust. For over 80 years, they have been quietly creating innovative products that meet the evolving needs of our working world.

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Be Storage 2-3 Days

Be Storage

Be’s personal storage combines durable design with a broad range of c..

Bob 2-3 Days


BOB, by Bisley is the beautifully hand-crafted magnetic, modula..

BS Filing Cabinets 2-3 Days

BS Filing Cabinets

This premium filling cabinet is fully welded making it prac..

Essentials - Office Storage 2-3 Days

Essentials - Office Storage

The essentials range offers the secure, personal storage a mobile workforce needs..

Glide Storage 2-3 Days

Glide Storage

Bisley’s premium range of sliding door cupboards offer feat..

InnerSpace 2-3 Days


This high-density storage system is designed for the front office..

LateralFile 2-3 Days


LateralFile is a true systems approach to storage, enabling an en..