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Sedia Systems
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G20 2-3 Days


G20 from Sedia Systems.The G20 is a fully upholstered, soph..

Gnosi 2-3 Days


Gnosi from Sedia Systems. The Gnosi is a collection of chairs designed to perform in any s..

JumpSeat 2-3 Days


JumpSeat from Sedia Systems. The award-winning JumpSeat is well suited to spaces that require f..

JumpSeat 90 2-3 Days

JumpSeat 90

JumpSeat90 from Sedia Systems.The JumpSeat 90 is well suited to spa..

JumpSeat Emerge 2-3 Days

JumpSeat Emerge

JumpSeat Emerge from Sedia Systems. Create a multi-func..

JumpSeat Wall 2-3 Days

JumpSeat Wall

JumpSeat Wall from Sedia Systems.   ..

M60 Swing Away 2-3 Days

M60 Swing Away

M60 Swing Away from Sedia Systems.The M60 Swing Away system ..

V8000 2-3 Days


V8000 from Sedia Systems.The V8000 modular seating system i..