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DuoBack Footrest 2-3 Days

DuoBack Footrest

DuoBack Footrest from Rhode & Grahl.Rohde & Grahl's free-standing legrest can be applied to..

Duoback Type 11 2-3 Days

Duoback Type 11

DuoBack Type11 from Rhode & Grhal.The DuoBack® backrest is a unique two-part back..

Duoback Type 12 2-3 Days

Duoback Type 12

Duoback Type 12 from Rhode & Grahl.The DuoBack backrest is a unique two-part backrest..

Xenium Basic DuoBack 2-3 Days

Xenium Basic DuoBack

Xenium Basic DuoBack from Rhode & Grahl.One of the unique design featu..

Xenium DuoBack 2-3 Days

Xenium DuoBack

Xenium DuoBack from Rhode & Grahl.Xenium–duo back offers significant relief for people who ..

Xenium FreeWork DuoBack 2-3 Days

Xenium FreeWork DuoBack

Xenium FreeWork DuoBack from Rhode & Grahl.The Xenium FreeWork mechanism provides multi-directio..