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The RH Mereo has been designed to fit any user, regardless of shape or size and bring active sitting to each user. It's the one chair fits all approach that promotes excellent ergonomics in the workplace. The RH Mereo provides innovation from every angle, from its easy weight adjustment, the 2PP tilt mechanism to its easily adjustable back height. The logical design of the controls allows the user to not only see what the controls do but to feel what they do. The chair is designed to merge with the natural shape of your body.  The RH Mereo 220 has a high back and standard seat.

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Prices for the RH Mereo start at £706.40 + VAT (prices may vary depending on quantities required).

  • The neckrest: An option that we highly recommend. It provides support to the neck and thereby relieves the entire body. The headrest is adjustable both in depth and height. Easy to adjust.
  • The backrest: Choose between high or low back. A distinct waist and a curved back with a clear lumbar support. The soft curve supports the whole back in an upright posture, giving arms and shoulders freedom to move. The Tvedt cushion between the shoulder blades stimulates an open posture, increasing oxygenation of strain.
  • The backrest angle: Can be adjusted separately as needed in order for you to always sit comfortably with good support.
  • The armrests: Supports neck and shoulders. Easy to the retro fit armrest. Can be adjusted by height, width, depth and can also be rotated.
  • The seat: The seat´s waterfall edges reduce pressure on the underside of the thighs, enhancing circulation. Minimises knee movement when tilting. Rear edge is raised to orientate the pelvis in the correct position.
  • Seat, height and depth: Adjusted by a few simple hand movements. User-friendly, intuitive shapes and placement. Easy to individually adjust the chair. The controls are easily accessible while seated. The correct seat height improves blood circulation in the legs. Correct seat depth provides better support.
  • The tilt mechanism: Is smooth and frictionless in its movement, and can be locked in the desired position, allowing the chair to follow your every movement.


         Fotoware, Norway                          Cowoki, Germany


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