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The RH Logic 400 is perfect for both remedial and preventative back care solutions. Based on the unique 'two-point principle' of upright posture and active sitting, the chair improves breathing and circulation and stimulates the muscles. The one to one tilt action ensures that lower back support remains constant, whatever position the user sits in. The RH Logic 400 can also be enhanced with optional extras including armrests, extra-large seat, neck rest and coccyx cut out seat.


  • Fully adjustable for seat height, back rake angle, back height,
  • Fully adjustable for seat slide and lumbar support
  • Memory foam and coccyx cut out seat pads available
  • 3D armrests available


Discover the RH Logic 400 ‘Quick Ship Programme’.

Prices for the RH Logic 400 start at £833.00 + VAT (prices may vary depending on quantities required).

  • The headrest: Is an optional add-on that we highly recommend. It provides support to the neck and thereby relieves the entire body. The headrest is adjustable both in depth and height.
  • The backrest: Choose between high or low back. The tapered back shape allows movement for arms and shoulders. The Tvedt-cushion between the shoulder blades stimulates an open and upright posture for better breathing.
  • The backrest angle: Can be adjusted separately as needed in order for you to always sit comfortably with good support.
  • The lumbar support: Provides additional support for the lower back. The pump adjusts the amount of air in a lumbar cushion, providing extra support.
  • The armrests: Two armrest variants are available. Both can be adjusted by height and width, while one can also be adjusted by depth and the other can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • The seat: Available with a layer of wool that provides better ventilation, making the seat 2-3 degrees cooler compared to conventional seats. The seat´s waterfall edges reduce pressure on the underside of the thighs, enhancing circulation.
  • Seat, height and depth: Is adjusted by a few simple hand movements. The controls are easily accessible while seated. The correct seat height improves blood circulation in the legs. Correct seat depth provides better relief and better support.
  • The tilt: mechanism Is smooth in it´s movement, and can be locked in the desired position, allowing the chair to follow your every movement.
  • Tilt resistance: Adjust the tilt resistance according to body weight and height to get the right balance. This allows your movement to be followed without the need to use any muscle power to push the chair into new positions.
  • Footbase: Raised base and curved arms to keep feet firmly on the floor.
  • Castors: Are available in different variants for both hard and soft flooring.