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ProStand from Bakker Elkhuizen - Ergonomic Specialists.


The ProStand is perfect for flexworkers. No matter where you work, this laptop stand will allow you to create an ergonomic workspace anywhere and anytime. The MacBook can be set to the right height to alleviate the strain on your neck and make your work more comfortable. The ProStand also acts as a case by providing additional protection for your MacBook. The seamless design of the stand ensures it perfectly suits your MacBook's modern look. The ProStand was engineered specifically to fit MacBook Pro 13inch models.

  • Ergonomic: The ProStand can easily be adjusted to one of the three available height settings. You can raise the top of your screen up to a comfortable height.
  • Ideal: With its clip-on design, you can attach the laptop stand to your MacBook. This allows you to create an ergonomic workspace wherever you are.
  • Design: The laptop stand's sleek design perfectly matches your MacBook. Since it only weighs 125 grams (4.5oz), you will forget you even have it with you.
  • Protection: Besides allowing you to work ergonomically, the ProStand also protects your MacBook against minor bumps and damage.
  • Workspace: The ProStand can easily be adjusted to the right height, so you can use your MacBook as a second screen.
  • Functional: The ProStand is designed to preserve all of your MacBook's functionalities. It does not block your MacBook's ports and ventilation outlets.

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