Whale Board Room Table

2-3 Days Whale Board Room Table
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Whale Board Room Table from Plastic Whale – Furniture for a better future.


The whale board room table isn’t your standard board room table, it’s the future. It is made from layers of recycled PET felt, recycled PET foam, and FSC birch wood. While the surface is exquisitely finished using PET felt that has been heated and pressed to give it a luxurious look-&-feel. The table’s legs, which in their design recall a whale’s imposing skeleton, are made of robust PEFC oak. The inspiration for the top of this boardroom table is a surfacing whale, with its distinctive blowhole and gracious lines.

  • Full Range: 8 person & 12 person board room tables available.
  • Materials: Made from PET-bottles.
  • Power: Console with four power connections meeting the European standard.
  • Plate: The plate contains the text ‘This table is made from Amsterdam Canal Plastic’.
  • Further Impact: 10% of all revenue of Plastic Whale Circular Furniture is donated to the Plastic Whale Foundation’s efforts.