Barnacle Lamp

2-3 Days Barnacle Lamp
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Barnacle Lamp from Plastic Whale – Furniture for a better future.


Barnacle Lamps are ingenious lamps, which get their shape from the barnacles found living on a whale’s skin, are made from pressed recycled PET felt and take LED filament bulbs to minimise energy usage. Ideal for above the boardroom table, the lamps can be used separately, in any number of combinations or even as a stunning installation, to create exactly the lighting effect you’re looking for.

  • Full Range: Ceiling lamps & Wall lamps available.
  • Sizes: Barnacle small, Barnacle tall.
  • Colours: Dark grey, Light grey.
  • Materials: Made from recycled PET-bottles. PET-felt made from 60% recycled PET bottles.
  • Applications: Single lamp, Modular set of 5 lamps (2 tall, 3 small), Modular set of 9 lamps (3 tall, 6 small).
  • Further Impact: 10% of all revenue of Plastic Whale Circular Furniture is donated to the Plastic Whale Foundation’s efforts.