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Acorn 2-3 Days


Acorn from OrangeBox. Acorn’s utilitarian aesthetic hides the innovative design t..

Air3 2-3 Days


Air from OrangeBox.The Air combines new materials with a wider range of finishes and the m..

Airea 2-3 Days


Airea from OrangeBox. The Airea pod system provides an alternative for private sp..

Away From The Desk 2-3 Days

Away From The Desk

Away from the Desk from OrangeBox. Away from the desk answers the need for more d..

Bae Table 2-3 Days

Bae Table

Bae Table from OrangeBox. Designed for eight to twenty people, BAE work tables are id..

Being 2-3 Days


Being from OrangeBox. A range of task chairs focused on ergonomic excellence, but wit..

Convo 2-3 Days


Convo from OrangeBox.Convo is an adaptable collection of training, meeting and conference tables fe..

Coppice 2-3 Days


Coppice from OrangeBox.Coppice is a stand-alone, single occupancy workbooth that provides a high lev..

Cwtch 2-3 Days


Cwtch from OrangeBox.Cwtch is a succinct sofa system available in low, mid and high back configurat..

Do Task Chair 2-3 Days

Do Task Chair

DO Task Chair from OrangeBox.The Do task chair doesn't have a multitude of knobs and levers to find..

Eva 2-3 Days


Eva Task Chair from OrangeBox. Responsible, innovative and beautiful, eva represents the most e..

Flo Task Chair 2-3 Days

Flo Task Chair

Flo Task Chair from OrangeBox.Flo is designed for maximum fit with minimum fuss.  A s..

Hep 2-3 Days


Hep from OrangeBox.The launch collection of Network Landscapes includes four occasional table design..

Java 2-3 Days


Java from OrangeBox.Java is a café height rectangular table, comfortable for up to six people. ..

Lapwing 2-3 Days


Lapwing from OrangeBox.Lapwing is an elegant laptop or occasional table for workplace or hospit..