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FourUs 2-3 Days


FourUs from Ocee Design. FourUs is a family of upholstered, zoning solutions in linkable module..

Harc Sofa 2-3 Days

Harc Sofa

Harc Sofa from Ocee Design.Harc is a family of soft seating for busy workplaces and collaborati..

HenRay 2-3 Days


HenRay from Ocee Design. HenRay is a sharp and stylish range of soft seating created ..

Kite 2-3 Days


Kite from Ocee Design. The Kite folding table is simple to move, fold and store...

The DEN Range 2-3 Days

The DEN Range

The DEN Range from Ocee Design. Den is a range of acoustic work areas created to make public sp..