Plexi Cover

2-3 Days Plexi Cover
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Plexi Cover from Nowy Styl Group - Comprehensive Furniture Solutions.


Covid crisis have impacted all areas of our life but offices are becoming accessible again. We can’t predict all scenarios of the future, however we can make some preparations, that’s why the Nowy Styl Group created Plexi Covers. They were designed to ensure that all employees feel safe and comfortable while working in offices again. Made from a transparent acrylic extruded from 2/3/4 mm PMMA plexiglass they offer extensive durability whilst also offering UV resistance and transparency.

  • Full Range: Piexi Cover, High Plexi Cover, Plexi Upper Cover, Free-Standing Side / Front Plexi Panel, Free Standing Plexi Panel with Slot.
  • Safety: Ensures that users keep to a safe social distance
  • Washable: Easily cleaned with the use of soapy water and a soft microfiber cloth. Additionally, PETG material can be disinfected using alcohol or solvent-based cleaning agents.
  • Materials: Transparent acrylic extruded from 2/3/4 mm PMMA plexiglass. UV resistant, transparent, and durable.
  • Installation: Easily and quickly mounted without specialised tools.