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Formo from Nowy Styl Group - Comprehensive Furniture Solutions.


Formo felt wall panels are a perfect complement to any office zone ‒ from managerial offices, through conference rooms and small offices, to canteens and informal meeting zones.

Formo panels are a line of light felt acoustic panels that are available in four versions:

  • Formo I: Panels with a shape that resembles an irregular pentagon, with dimensions 518×361 mm and thickness 43 mm
  • Foormo II: Square panels with dimensions 450×450 mm and thickness 60 mm with a visible 3D motif.
  • Formo III: Diamond shape panel with dimensions 675×398 mm and thickness 43 mm.
  • Formo Curtain Panel: Formo curtain panel has shape of four connected hexagons. Single panel dimensions are: 430x430 mm, depth: 48 mm.

Other Key Features:

  • Finish Options: Vast range of finish options (contact a member of our sales team for further information)
  • Advantages: The diversity of Formo panel forms and colours allows for creating unique and interesting arrangements very simply. The felt panels not only enrich the wall in a unique way, but also give an interior a warm, cosier and home-like character.
  • Acoustics: Because they are in the right sound absorption class, Formo panels can help control the unfavourable acoustic conditions (e.g. diminishing the echo effect) that occur in the interiors where people hold lots of conversations and meetings.
  • Arrangements: The panels can be assembled individually, at smaller or larger intervals, or next to each other for tighter arrangements. Panels are assembled to the wall using a special mounting bracket that consists of two parts: one is permanently assembled to the panel, while the other is fixed directly to the wall. The two parts are joined together with a Velcro fastening.