Nook Solo Pod

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Nook Solo Pod from Nook - Mobile Meeting/Collaborative Pods.


Nook Solo Pod was created for contemplation and concentration - away from the hustle and bustle of the busy office. Its modular flexibility means that it can fill many needs. It has been used as a breakfast nook in the morning, a lunch meeting space, or a quiet concentration area throughout the day, as well as a rest spot at trade shows and events. The possibilities are endless!

  • At about 3 feet square and on casters, this mobile unit can go anywhere: This modular desk pod has a back wall that encloses it and for extra privacy, a side panel or an acrylic door can be added.
  • For a more social environment, they can easily be daisy-chained together: The compact size of this privacy pod allows it to be moved through most doorways without breaking it down.
  • For phone calls and video conferences: Where full privacy is not required at all and full isolation is not desired.
  • Flexibility, sustainability, and longevity at our core: Nook is an agile, modular, sustainably-minded pod with a small range of variations and a huge range of possibilities.