Sven Christiansen

Sven Christiansen
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Ambus - FlipTop Tables 2-3 Days

Ambus - FlipTop Tables

Ambus FlipTop Tables from Sven Christiansen. Tables with a flip top that may be e..

Ambus Lockers 2-3 Days

Ambus Lockers

Ambus Locker from Sven Christiansen. Ambus lockers ..

Ambus Meeting Table 2-3 Days

Ambus Meeting Table

Ambus Meeting Table from Sven Christiansen. Ambus off..

Fulcrum 2-3 Days


Fulcrum from Sven Christensen.Fulcrum provides the benchmark for high-quality conference tables..

Happy Rocker 2-3 Days

Happy Rocker

Happy Rocker from Sven Christensen.Happy Rocker delivers healthy movement, encourages relaxatio..

HiBox 2-3 Days


HiBox from Sven Christensen. HiBox defines spaces but maintains visual connections. Provid..

HiRise 2-3 Days


HiRise from Sven Christensen.Humans weren’t designed to sit for long periods. Moving regularly to va..

HiStore Lite 2-3 Days

HiStore Lite

HiStore Lite from Sven Christensen. HiStore Lite is a cost-effective solution for the majo..

J Working/Visitor Chair 2-3 Days

J Working/Visitor Chair

J Working and Visitor chairs from Sven Christensen.J Working and visitor chairs featu..

ScreenD 2-3 Days


ScreenD from Sven Christiansen.ScreenD offers exceptional freedom to ..

Smith 2-3 Days


Smith breakout furniture from Sven Christensen.Recepti..