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Ad-Lib Motion 2-3 Days

Ad-Lib Motion

The Ad-Lib multi-purpose chair is ideally suited to collaborative, training, meeting and conference ..

Ad-Lib Scholar 2-3 Days

Ad-Lib Scholar

Ad-Lib Scholar multi-purpose chair has been designed for ed..

Ad-Lib Stool 2-3 Days

Ad-Lib Stool

The Ad-Lib Stool with its five star base and glides provide..

Ad-Lib Work Lounge 2-3 Days

Ad-Lib Work Lounge

Ad-Lib Work Lounge has been developed to facilitate breakout sessions and collabora..

Chemistry 2-3 Days


Chemistry workstations can be configured as individual desks or as bench solutions that share ..

Circo 2-3 Days


Circo is a functionally simple light work chair with a perm..

I-Workchair 2-3 Days


i-Workchair is a premium task chair designed by Justus Kolb..

Jonny 2-3 Days


Here comes Jonny...  Jonny is an inspiring multi-purpose chair family that provides except..

Mote 2-3 Days


Mote from The Senator Group. Created as a complete loun..

Orb 2-3 Days


Orb from The Senator Group. Orb is a revolutionary desking solution that allow..

Pailo 2-3 Days


Palio from The Senator Group.Pailo provides a softer approac..

Trillipse Four Leg 2-3 Days

Trillipse Four Leg

Trillipse is the original multi-purpose chair family. The f..

Universal Storage 2-3 Days

Universal Storage

Senator’s range of storage products provides a facility for the storage and retrieval of t..