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Bjorn 2-3 Days


Bjorn from Pledge Edge Design. Bjorn features a c..

Cicero 2-3 Days


Cicero from Pledge Edge Design.Cicero the new “Collaborative Chair” from Edge Des..

Fence - Sofa 2-3 Days

Fence - Sofa

A wonderful seating system designed to provide the perfect ..

Fence Booth 2-3 Days

Fence Booth

Fench Booth from Pledge Edge Design.A wonderful seating syst..

Fifteen Environments - Diner 2-3 Days

Fifteen Environments - Diner

Fifteen Environments Diner from Pledge Edge DesignFifteen is..

Fifteen Environments - Pods 2-3 Days

Fifteen Environments - Pods

Fifteen Environments Pods from Pledge Edge Design.Fifteen is..

Fifteen Radial Collection 2-3 Days

Fifteen Radial Collection

Fifteen Radical Collection from Pledge Edge Design.Fifteen Radi..

Ikon 2-3 Days


Ikon from Pledge Edge Design.Clear-cut lines and inspirational shap..

Key 2-3 Days


Key from Pledge Edge Design. The design of Key ha..

Kind Beam 2-3 Days

Kind Beam

Kind Beam from Pledge.  Kind beam system..

Kind Operator 2-3 Days

Kind Operator

Kind Operator from Pledge Edge Design.  K..

Kind White 2-3 Days

Kind White

Kind White from Pledge Edge Design.Kind White is a range of cha..

Me, Myself and I 2-3 Days

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I from Pledge Edge Design. With the growth of open and..

Natta Collection 2-3 Days

Natta Collection

Natta Collection from Pledge.Natta offers a solution to a va..