The Elite story began back in 1986.  Building on 30 years of extensive industry experience, Elite has become a pivotal

manufacturer of contemporary and adaptive office furniture.  Influenced by the modern-day workplace, Elite strive to

embrace innovative techniques, using sustainable materials to produce efficient products that complement the office environment.

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Alto 2-3 Days


The Alto Bench family was designed to provide an alternative place of wor..

FlipTop Table 2-3 Days

FlipTop Table

A perfect solution to a changing environment or one with little space for fixed t..

Harmony 2-3 Days


With the increase of employers seeking a more diverse, inte..

Linnea 2-3 Days


Linnea is a comprehensive range offering a variety of solutions for diverse applications. The range ..

Linnea Elevate 2-3 Days

Linnea Elevate

Linnea Elevate is a desirable bench system, including singl..

Loco 2-3 Days


With the increase of employers seeking a more diverse, intelligent approach to desking and agile wor..

Lux 2-3 Days


Lux provides the perfect solution for a less corporate, mod..

Matrix 2-3 Days


Matrix range offers various solutions for the workplace and includes single and double benches, mana..

Progress 2-3 Days


Progress offers complete flexibility with options including fixed height and gas strut height adjust..

Progress Lite 2-3 Days

Progress Lite

Progress Lite is a double-bench, height adjustable desking ..

Progress Plus 2-3 Days

Progress Plus

With its clean lines and lightweight design, Progress Plus ..

Reflex 2-3 Days


A beautifully angled leg defines the clean lines and aesthe..

Screenbox 2-3 Days


Screenbox is an option available with a Kassini frame, Flex..

Windsor 2-3 Days


Windsor features panel ended workstations, delivering a distinct and executive finish. The tradition..