6G Keyboard Tray

2-3 Days 6G Keyboard Tray
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6G Keyboard Tray from Humanscale - Ergonomic Office Furniture Solutions.


In many ways, an adjustable keyboard support is the heart of an ergonomic workstation. As reach and vision drive posture, the 6G keyboard tray allows the user to sit in a healthy, neutral posture through bringing the keyboard and mouse to the user in an ergonomic position. A well-designed keyboard tray offers protection from carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, and other musculoskeletal issues.


The 6G Keyboard trays ensure:

  • A relaxed upper body
  • Straight wrists
  • The user’s back engaged with chair
  • A neutral, low-risk, sustainable posture
  • The Neutral Reach Zone: Humanscale’s adjustable keyboard systems ensure nearly all users can work consistently within their Neutral Reach Zone to maintain a low-risk posture.
  • Systems: Nine negative-tilt mechanism options, from the 5G, to the 6G, which combines easy dial-a-tilt and height adjustability with the strongest, most stable arm on the market. All options encourage low-risk typing postures and feature easy and intuitive adjustability.
  • Keyboard Platforms: Made of 6mm (1⁄4”) phenolic resin, which combines strength, durability and a slim profile, Humanscale’s wide range of keyboard platform options will accommodate any need. Available with Technogel or foam palm supports.
  • Mouse Platforms: From Humanscale's original Swivel Mouse to their best-in-class Clip Mouse, which features height, depth and lateral adjustability, and can easily be moved to support left or right-handed mousing Humanscale’s mouse options will keep you mousing in comfort.