Oasis Soft Mobile Booth

2-3 Days Oasis Soft Mobile Booth
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Oasis Soft Mobile Booth from Frem Group - Contemporary and Bespoke Office Furniture.


The Oasis Soft Mobile Booths are easy to move and are concealed on castors with a simple table lever locking system catering for all uses with open top, louvered and enclosed ceiling options. Cleverly designed to gain maximum effect as a mobile workspace while covering a minimal footprint, these small but mighty mobile booths can tuck away or take centre stage. Their ability to combine to create a more impactful and collaborative workspace only enhances their versatility and usefulness in todays’ flexible working environments.

  • Duo and Team sizes available. Please refer to the Specification & Price Guide for sizing
  • Upholstered sofa units
  • 650mm Deep table
  • Hand braked controlled locking casters
  • Acoustic Louvered Ceiling
  • Upholstered external panels
  • Upholstered sofa base and layered backrest
  • Camira Synergy fabric for interior/exterior
  • Range of optional extras available including, enclosed acoustic ceiling with integrated LED ‘Tunable’ lighting with controlled by a desk located remote control