Acrylic Protection Screens

2-3 Days Acrylic Protection Screens
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Acrylic Protection Screens from Frem Group - Contemporary and Bespoke Office Furniture.


The Acrylic Protection Screens from Frem are the Ideal material for easy to clean non-absorbent surfaces. They have superior chemical resistance and excellent surface finish ensuring good visibility. With a unique hinged design, the screens come flat packed and are easily installed. Available in a variety of standard widths and depths.

Acrylic Protection Screens from Frem is part of our COVID-19 essentials range.

  • Workplace Safety: Hinged design giving a closed corner detail for maximum user protection.
  • Product Cleaning: Easy to clean non-absorbent surface. Maintaining a high degree of cleanliness.
  • Air Transmission: 600mm high to reduce air transmission.
  • Stability: Folded front corner foot for additional stability with a self-adhesive pad for fixing where required.
  • Recyclability: 100% recyclable.
  • Installation: Flat packed and easily installed.
  • 1000w x 800d x 600h
  • 1200w x 800d x 600h
  • 1400w x 800d x 600h
  • 1600w x 800d x 600h
  • 1800w x 800d x 600h
  • 2000w x 800d x 600h

Special sizes are available upon request.