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ezo on ezo from EzoBoard – Design Driven Acoustics.


ezo on ezo gives you style, depth and sound absorption while adding visual appeal, making every office space a better place to work in. ezoBord’s ‘ezo on ezo’ product range layers our popular Work Zone Divider patterns on a second layer of contrasting colour ezoBord creating a 3 dimensional, colourful appearance while adding significant sound absorption in your open space. Made with recycled plastic water bottles.

  • Full Range: 19 standard patterns available.
  • Sizing: Standard size available in 47.5" (1207mm) × 95" (2413mm).
  • Colours: 15 standard colours (each 9mm layer can be manufactured with different colour).
  • Thickness: Available in one standard thickness: 3/8" (9mm)
  • Environment: Made with recycled polyster fibre, 50% +/- of which comes from recycled water bottles which contributes to LEED MR credit of Recycled content.
  • Installation: ezo on ezo products can be hung unobtrusively through holes covered by ezoBord plugs, with double sided ezoTape or with any standard clear drying contractor grade adhesive.