Meeting Room

Meeting Room

Stay focused during meetings and conferences with our chairs. The collection is designed to be stylish and comfortable for team settings.

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Ad-Lib Motion 2-3 Days

Ad-Lib Motion

The Ad-Lib multi-purpose chair is ideally suited to collabo..

Ad-Lib Work Lounge 2-3 Days

Ad-Lib Work Lounge

Ad-Lib Work Lounge has been developed to facilitate breakout sessions and collabora..

Axia Visit 2-3 Days

Axia Visit

Axia visitor chairs are specially designed for conference rooms, presentation rooms and for use as..

Cascara 2-3 Days


Cascara is a classical and beautifully crafted lounge chair that radiates style, st..

Cicero 2-3 Days


Cicero the Collaborative Chair is the evolutionary response to the co-work..

Cinto 2-3 Days


A stackable office chair that breaks the number one rule for stacking chairs: it’s comfortabl..

Circo 2-3 Days


Circo is a functionally simple light work chair with a perm..

Cooper 2-3 Days


With more time being spent away from the traditional desk, ..

Diffrient Occasional 2-3 Days

Diffrient Occasional

Diffrient Occasional is a stackable multipurpose chair that is suitable for a variety of office and..

Fifteen Environments 2-3 Days

Fifteen Environments

Fifteen is a soft seating range designed for the office furniture, hospitality and leisure markets, ..

Herbie 2-3 Days


Herbie is a perfect style statement for a reception, workin..

Key 2-3 Days


The design of Key has made it one of the most impressive chairs of its type and an ideal solution fo..

Kind White 2-3 Days

Kind White

Kind White is a range of chairs suitable for training and conference rooms.As the name suggests they..

Kirby Collection 2-3 Days

Kirby Collection

A cost sensitive contract range of seating to suit most app..