Rohde & Grahl

Rohde & Grahl

Rohde and Grahl chairs come in a wide range of general office and specialist seating. Their focus is on combating the problems caused by conventional chairs and how they restrict the natural movement of the back and spinal column.

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DuoBack Footrest 2-3 Days

DuoBack Footrest

DuoBack Footrest from Rhode & Grahl.Rohde & Grahl's free-standing legrest can be applied to..

Duoback Type 11 2-3 Days

Duoback Type 11

DuoBack Type11 from Rhode & Grhal.The DuoBack® backrest is a unique two-part back..

Duoback Type 12 2-3 Days

Duoback Type 12

Duoback Type 12 from Rhode & Grahl.The DuoBack backrest is a unique two-part backrest..

Xenium Basic DuoBack 2-3 Days

Xenium Basic DuoBack

Xenium Basic DuoBack from Rhode & Grahl.One of the unique design featu..

Xenium DuoBack 2-3 Days

Xenium DuoBack

Xenium DuoBack from Rhode & Grahl.Xenium–duo back offers significant relief for people who ..

Xenium FreeWork DuoBack 2-3 Days

Xenium FreeWork DuoBack

Xenium FreeWork DuoBack from Rhode & Grahl.The Xenium FreeWork mechanism provides multi-directio..