Real 9100 Plus

2-3 Days Real 9100 Plus
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Real 9100 Plus from Mercado Medic - Disability Seating.


Real 9100 Plus is an ergonomic, modular chair, and therefore easy to prescribe for individual requirements. The electric height adjustment provides excellent support for the user when standing up from a seated position. Real 9100 Plus can be delivered with several electric features such as - electric tilt in space, electric backrest and electric brake.

  • Electric height adjustability with posture-related angle adjustability of the backrest and seat cushion to help users achieve the right height and posture.
  • Electric seat tilt combined with electric seat height adjustment positions the chair at a more helpful height and angle for ingress and egress. 
  • Height-adjustable arms further help this chair become relevant as a computer task chair.
  • The facility to brake the chair for added stability for ingress and exit of the chair affords greater stability.
  • A variety of seat cushion and backrest sizes are available to facilitate better fit and comfort.
  • Seat belts, footplate supports, side bolsters etc. are optionally available for better support.
  • The option of Swivel seats further aids users to assume good ergonomics with reduced effort when accessing their computer workstation.