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The HÅG SoFi range was created to meet changing human needs in workplaces that were evolving at pace. This evolution meant that workers increasingly needed tools and solutions that empowered them to work better and differently. HÅG wanted to empower people to be able to do more, more effectively. All this should happen while minimising effort, both mental and physical. With a wealth of design features and the flexibility for endless customisation, the HÅG SoFi was created to provide both choice and unlimited movement in multiple workplace environments and situations.

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Prices for the HAG SoFi start at £632.00 + VAT (prices may vary depending on quantities required).

HÅG SoFi collection:

  • Brings together and perfects all the best features of the HÅG brand.
  • Even though the chairs offers the most advanced ergonomic solutions, they are still some of the most user-friendly chairs around.
  • HÅG in Balance® technology ensures more subconscious movement for more energy and better flow throughout your workday.
  • Soft, embracing curves and innovative HÅG SlideBack™ armrests allow you to adjust your sitting posture for excellent comfort.
  • Superior user-friendliness with minimal need for adjustment for the individual user.
  • This makes a HÅG SoFi a very good chair for multi-user office environments as well as at personal desks.
  • Designed to be customized with a wide range of materials and colours.
  • Also available as a matching, dynamic meeting room chair.
  • HÅG in Balance™, adjustable seat height, seat depth and lumbar support are standard, in addition to adjustable tilt resistance, lockable tilt and foot support.
  • Adjustable armrests (height and width) with or without the unique HÅG SlideBack™ function and headrest are optional extras.