Orangebox task chairs are some of the most popular products on the market offering great innovation at affordable prices. They combine ingenious engineering paired with groundbreaking design and are of exceptional quality.  All of their chairs are run through stringent testing to make sure they are suitable for the workplace.

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Being 2-3 Days


A range of task chairs focused on ergonomic excellence, but without a host of overly conspicuous co..

Do Task Chair 2-3 Days

Do Task Chair

The Do task chair doesn't have a multitude of knobs and levers to find and struggle with. It uses a ..

Eva 2-3 Days


Eva task chair offers a greater emphasis on user experience and comfort.The mechanism responds to th..

Flo 2-3 Days


Flo…is designed for maximum fit with minimum fuss.  A simple set-up chair offering a great..

Orly 2-3 Days


Orly from OrangeBox.A more reclined lounge chair, Orly has a refined aesthetic, thanks to its handm..

Seren 2-3 Days


Seren from OrangeBox.Seren is a beautiful new chair from Orangebox which is perfect for a ..

Spira Plus 2-3 Days

Spira Plus

Spira Plus from OrangeBox.Spira Plus is a specialist task chair that offers greater adjustment. Spir..

Workday 2-3 Days


Workday is a family of dynamic, light work/meeting chairs, designed to complement our task seating w..