Edge Design

Edge Design

Edge Design Ergonomic Seating

Edge Design is a true office seating manufacturer, not merely component assemblers, and they have the capability to design

and produce the components in-house.

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Cicero 2-3 Days


Cicero the Collaborative Chair is the evolutionary response to the co-work..

Key 2-3 Days


The design of Key has made it one of the most impressive chairs of its type and an ideal solution fo..

Kind Beam 2-3 Days

Kind Beam

Kind beam systems offer a versatile solution for waiting areas, airport lounges and high-densit..

Kind Operator 2-3 Days

Kind Operator

Kind task chair offers a height adjustable back with upholstered detail and a sculptured plastic out..

Kind Swivel 2-3 Days

Kind Swivel

Kind Swivel has been designed to provide a comprehensive soluti..

Kind White 2-3 Days

Kind White

Kind White is a range of chairs suitable for training and conference rooms.As the name suggests they..

Me, Myself and I 2-3 Days

Me, Myself and I

With the growth of open and breakout areas in the office space, and the l..