Dauphin Ergonomic Seating:

Dauphin are world leaders in manufacturing office seating with the company recognised in more than 50 countries for their proven excellence in the field. Their products embody the concepts of health and safety with their ergonomic designs ensuring your back is properly supported throughout the working day. 

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Dat-O 2-3 Days


Bring a breath of fresh air to your life, but without sacrificing transparency in your everyday off..

Kick Off 2-3 Days

Kick Off

Ergonomically state of the art, Kick-off is extremely easy to use thanks to automatic or individual ..

Lordo Flex 2-3 Days

Lordo Flex

Lordo flex features an elastic mesh fabric mounted on a height adjustable backrest which pivots at t..

Signo 2-3 Days


The styling of the slender backrest instantly signifies maximum ergonomic comfo..

Speed-O 2-3 Days


The perfect, comfortable allrounder to meet all demands thanks to the Synchro-Relax-Automatic. Autom..

Stilo 2-3 Days


While looking for the perfect office equipment the Stilo ra..

X-Code 2-3 Days


Building on Dauphin's history of design-driven innovation in se..