Corrigo Ergonomic Seating:

Transforming the way you work.  Corrigo Design ergonomic chairs are recommended by physiotherapists and osteopaths. Their chairs are specifically designed to adapt to provide maximum levels of support that adjust to suit you, preventing and helping to improve back problems. From general postural pain to the most chronic back conditions, such as RSI, slipped or bulging discs, frozen shoulder, post back surgery, sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis and fibromyalgia,  Corrigo chairs will help by improving posture. Made in Britain, Corrigo Design is able to offer bespoke solutions to suit your needs, from inflatable thoracic support to pressure relieving seats.

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Diffusion Chair 2-3 Days

Diffusion Chair

The Corrigo backrest is specially designed to cradle the back in exactly the right place for your o..

Libero 2-3 Days


Corrigo chairs have been designed to prevent and reduce postural back pain and pressure.With unri..