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InnoDesk from Bakker Elkhuizen - Ergonomic Specialists.


The InnoDesk is a motorised sit-stand solution. The sit-stand desk easily ‘helps’ users alternate between sitting and standing postures more frequently and to be more aware of their behavior during computer work. With the InnoDesk, BakkerElkhuizen offers a unique way to demonstrably improve the mental and physical fitness of employees. The Bakker Elkhuizen InnoDesk comes with the WORK & MOVE Desk Connector, plus a 2-year WORK & MOVE software license to ensure the maximum benefits of a change to sit-stand working is realised.

  • Compatible: The desk height can automatically be adjusted by means of the WORK & MOVE (SitStandCOACH en PitStops) software supplied. The desk height can also be adjusted at the touch of a button on the desk itself.
  • Ergonomic: Because the desk is height-adjustable, you can always work at the appropriate sitting and standing height. The huge height range is adjustable from 25.5 - 52.75 inches.
  • Easy: The InnoDesk is easy to assemble. The patented Twist & Lock system requires no tools so assembling the desk takes no more than 5 minutes.
  • Design: The desk has a sleek and modern award-winning design. The integrated cable management system keeps cables out of sight.

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