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Honeycomb from Bakker Elkhuizen – Ergonomic Specialists.


The Honeycomb is suitable for a variety of uses whether sitting or standing is required. Supplied with a rechargeable battery meaning the desk can be positioned anywhere, its honeycomb shape means it can be combined and set-up in many different formats.

  • Multi-functional: The table is suitable for a variety of uses. Its 35.5-inch diameter allows for easy set-up for any format you choose; touch-down working, meeting, seminar, lunch or a drinks reception. No problem at all, this table is suitable for all.
  • Easy: The table height can easily be adjusted using the button in the center of the tabletop to create heights from 24 to 50 inches.
  • Mobile: The Honeycomb can be placed anywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery, which has a led indicator to display the status. When the battery is running low, an acoustic alarm sounds and it can be plugged in.
  • Shape: The Honeycomb is named after its shape, which in itself makes it a remarkable table, but it also makes it suitable for modular use in multiple settings.
  • Battery: 1 fully charged battery allows you to adjust the height around 85 times before it needs recharging.
  • Setups: Combining several tables allows you to create a variety of setups and shapes.