Ergonomic Furniture

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Ambus Meeting Table 2-3 Days

Ambus Meeting Table

Ambus offers an exceptionally wide range of tables for gene..

Bae Table 2-3 Days

Bae Table

Designed for eight to twenty people, BAE work tables are ideal in workspaces where the collabor..

Connect3 - Workstation 2-3 Days

Connect3 - Workstation

Connect3 distils the best of KI’s reputation for quality and design innovation into a simplified wor..

EC4 2-3 Days


Combining the elegance and robustness of solid oak and steel, KI’s EC4 collection adds a touch of n..

Edge Table 2-3 Days

Edge Table

EdgeDesk is a workstation system in which the 18mm top sits snugly inside the outer frame.Inset top,..

FlipTop Table 2-3 Days

FlipTop Table

A perfect solution to a changing environment or one with little space for fixed t..

Float Table 2-3 Days

Float Table

Float is a revolutionary standing office desk that brings the effortless operation to..

Linnea 2-3 Days


Linnea is a comprehensive range offering a variety of solutions for diverse applications. The range ..

Matrix 2-3 Days


Matrix range offers various solutions for the workplace and includes single and double benches, mana..

Max 2-3 Days


The refined hoop.  A meeting table to impress. The Max range is characterised by its inset hoop..

Progress 2-3 Days


Progress offers complete flexibility with options including fixed height and gas strut height adjust..

Progress Lite 2-3 Days

Progress Lite

Progress Lite is a double-bench, height adjustable desking ..

QuickStand Under Desk 2-3 Days

QuickStand Under Desk

QuickStand Under Desk allows users to seamlessly alternate between sitting and standing postures wi..

R8 Lite 2-3 Days

R8 Lite

R8 Lite is an expandable bench desking system, designed to fit the needs of any business environmen..

React 2-3 Days


There are numerous studies to show that sitting too long in the..