Goldtouch Travel Go2

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Goldtouch Travel Go2 from Bakker Elkhuizen - Ergonomic Specialists.


You can adjust this Goldtouch Go2 ergonomic split keyboard at a slight inclination angle, improving your posture. The keyboard is easy to adjust steplessly between 0 and 30 degrees. Your hand, wrist and forearm muscles will be more relaxed. "This innovative keyboard by Goldtouch has normal key size and a light, soft-touch so you can type silently and comfortably. This keyboard is perfect to take on the road, and was especially developed for mobile workspaces. The keyboard is entirely foldable and will fit easily in your laptop case."

The Goldtouch Travel is also available in a Bluetooth version.

Meets individual body requirements: continuously vertical and horizontally adjustable.

Individual adjustable: 0°– 30° adjustment along the horizontal and vertical plane.

Ergonomic: less reaching to operate the mouse, comfortable and almost noiseless typing.


  • Height: 343mm
  • Depth: 22.9mm
  • Weight: 152mm
  • Sort: 500 gr