Freestanding Storage Screen with Return

2-3 Days Freestanding Storage Screen with Return
  • Product Code: Freestanding Storage Screen with Return
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Freestanding Storage Screen with Return from The Senator Group - Business Furniture Solutions.


Our primitive origins mean that we instinctively feel comfortable in shielded spots. We like to see who is approaching us, while knowing that our backs are protected. Sensing people moving behind our backs creates tension and can be mitigated with return screens that help define thresholds. That’s why Senator created the freestanding storage screen with return to allow users to define their own space to physically demarcate social distance and give psychological comfort


Freestanding Storage Screen with Return from Senator is part of our COVID-19 essentials range.

  • Full Range: Part of Senators ‘define my space’ range which includes; translucent 3-sided screens, upholstered 3-sided screens, mfc 3-sided screen, curved front screen, translucent desk mount screen, freestanding storage screen, tall division storage, possessions caddy and mobile screens.
  • Workplace Safety: Block potentially harmful virus transmission through talking, coughing and sneezing.
  • Upkeeping: High screens covered in Anti-bacterial fabric. Smooth MFC panels, that can be fully cleaned, with options to use anti-bacterial laminates that reduce the active life of the virus.
  • Installation: Can be installed immediately with no detriment to existing furniture and easily removed later when greater density of space required.
  • Cable Management: Cut out at back to allow existing cables to pass through without removing electrical and IT equipment.
  • Product Adaptability: Highly adaptable for use with desks, touchdown benches and meeting tables.
  • Aesthetics: Smooth aesthetics for a more tactile, softer and human feel.