Task Lighting

Task Lighting

Task Lighting is an essential aspect of a complete ergonomic workstation. DS supply a selection of some of the industry’s best lighting with performance, simplicity and beauty taken into consideration. Task lights help to reduce eye strain, improve computer-based reading comfort and reduce energy use and costs.

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Element 790 2-3 Days

Element 790

Element 790 Task Light from Humanscale.The Element 790 task light is Humanscale's response to the ne..

Element Disc 2-3 Days

Element Disc

Element Disc Task Light from Humanscale.The Element Disc task light brings together advanced technol..

Element Vision 2-3 Days

Element Vision

Element Vision from Humanscale. The Element Vision task light offers a generous foot-p..

Horizon 2-3 Days


Horizon Task Light from Humanscale.The Horizon light is a visually striking embodiment of ..

Infinity 2-3 Days


Infinity Task Light from Humanscale.Humanscale's Infinity LED task light embodies performa..

Nova Task Light 2-3 Days

Nova Task Light

Nova Task Light from Humanscale. Designed to complement any work surface and enhance ..