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Viewlite Link USB-C docking stations from DataFlex - Design for a Healthy Workplace.


Easily connect your laptop or tablet to any modern workstation. Charge your devices, connect to any network and two monitors. Link’s USB-C technology makes it all possible within seconds, with just one cable. Mount Link to any Viewlite monitor arm and make your desktop future proof. No additional software required.

Viewlite Link USB-C docking station:

  • Easy: One cable for power, A/V, and data, USB-C plug & play.
  • Convenient: Charge your laptop, mobile, and other personal devices while you work.
  • Smart: Connect to multiple external displays. Compatible with all hardware brands.
  • Great designStylish, slender aluminum body. Rests firmly on your desktop.
  • A dream for IT and Facility Managers: All connections are table-top for easy maintenance. No drivers to install. Wired data connection ensures safe data exchange that meets the highest security standards.


           Viewlite Link Brochure                     Installation Manual                            User Manual