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Keyboards & Mice

Discover our collection of Computer Keyboards & Mice  – if you don’t see anything here that is suitable please contact us for more options.

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6G Keyboard Tray 2-3 Days

6G Keyboard Tray

6G Keyboard Tray from Humanscale. In many ways, a keyboard support is the heart o..

Anir Mouse 2-3 Days

Anir Mouse

Anir Mouse from Bakker Elkhuizen. The vertical joystick Anir Mouse encourages a ..

Evoluent Lefthanded Keyboard 2-3 Days

Evoluent Lefthanded Keyboard

Evoluent Lefthanded Keyboard from Bakker Elkhuizen. The Evoluent left-handed keyboard..

Evoluent Mouse C 2-3 Days

Evoluent Mouse C

Evoluent Mouse C from Bakker Elkhuizen.The streamlined shape of the Evoluent C and the han..

Evoluent4 2-3 Days


Evoluent4 from Bakker Elkhuizen.The handshake position of the wrist when using the Evoluent4&nb..

Goldtouch Adjustable V2 2-3 Days

Goldtouch Adjustable V2

Goldtouch Adjustable V2 from Bakker Elkhuizen.The Goldtouch Adjustable V2 ergonomic keyboa..

Goldtouch Travel Go2 2-3 Days

Goldtouch Travel Go2

Goldtouch Travel Go2 from Bakker Elkhuizen.You can adjust this Goldtouch Go2 ergonomic spl..

Goldtouch Travel Go2 BlueTooth 2-3 Days

Goldtouch Travel Go2 BlueTooth

Goldtouch Travel Go2 BlueTooth from Bakker Elkhuizen.The Goldtouch Travel Go2 is an ergono..

Grip Mouse 2-3 Days

Grip Mouse

Grip Mouse from Bakker Elkhuizen.A good, ergonomic mouse is of the essence, as it is a widely used c..

Handshake Mouse 2-3 Days

Handshake Mouse

Handshake Mouse from Bakker Elkhuizen. The Handshake Mouse is a mouse with a vertical..

Oyster Mouse 2-3 Days

Oyster Mouse

Oyster Mouse from Bakker Elkhuizen.The most unique vertical mouse in our assortment is the Oyster M..

PRF Mouse Wireless 2-3 Days

PRF Mouse Wireless

PRF Mouse Wireless from Bakker Elkhuizen.   ..

Rockstick 2 Mouse Wireless 2-3 Days

Rockstick 2 Mouse Wireless

Rockstick 2 Mouse Wireless from Bakker Elkhuizen.A good mouse prevents physical complaints. The bes..

S-board 840 Design USB 2-3 Days

S-board 840 Design USB

S-board 840 Design USB from Bakker Elkhuizen.The design of this separ..

Ultraboard 950 2-3 Days

Ultraboard 950

Ultraboard 950 from Bakker Elkhuizen.UltraBoard 950 is the latest compact ..