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CityLite Compact Backpack 2-3 Days

CityLite Compact Backpack

CityLite Compact Backpack from Bakker Elkhuizen.A perfect backpack to carry your laptop, accessorie..

CityLite Security Backpack 2-3 Days

CityLite Security Backpack

CityLite Security Backpack from Bakker Elkhuizen.Do you often use public transport, or do you often ..

CityLite Slipcase 2-3 Days

CityLite Slipcase

CityLite Slipcase from Bakker Elkhuizen.This bag features a spacious main compartment for your lapto..

CityLite Topload Case 2-3 Days

CityLite Topload Case

CityLite Topload Case from Bakker Elkhuizen.This bag features more than enough compartments to safel..

Ergo Traveller 2-3 Days

Ergo Traveller

Ergo Traveller from Bakker Elkhuizen.The Ergo Traveller is a unique ergonomic laptop bag that lets ..

Newport Backpack 2-3 Days

Newport Backpack

Newport Backpack from Bakker Elkhuizen. A laptop bag holding a laptop, documents, mobile phone..

Newport Tote 2-3 Days

Newport Tote

Newport Tote from Bakker Elkhuizen.Carrying a heavy load by..

Rolling laptop bag 2-3 Days

Rolling laptop bag

Rolling Laptop Bag from Bakker Elkhuizen.The rolling laptop ..