Humanscale is the premier designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve health and comfort at work. Their award-winning office solutions inspire movement and support the user in their every posture.

Sustainabilityof both design and materials is at the heart of what they do, and they solve functional problems as simply and elegantly as possible while consuming less of the Earth’s limited resources.

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Element 790 2-3 Days

Element 790

Humanscale Element 790- task lightThe Element 790 task light is Humanscale's response to the need fo..

Element Disc Task Light 2-3 Days

Element Disc Task Light

Humanscale’s Element Disc task light brings together advanced technology and optimal functionality. ..

Element Vision 2-3 Days

Element Vision

The Element Vision task light offers a generous foot-print of glare-free illumination in a..

Horizon Light 2-3 Days

Horizon Light

The Horizon light is a visually striking embodiment of Humanscale’s commitment to high performance a..

Infinity 2-3 Days


Humanscale's Infinity LED task light embodies performance in a sleek, timeless design.Equipped ..

M/Connect Docking Station 2-3 Days

M/Connect Docking Station

Available with Humanscale’s M2, M8, and M/Flex monitor arms, M/Connect gives ea..

M2 Monitor Arm 2-3 Days

M2 Monitor Arm

The M2 allows the user to bring their work to them, versus having to adjust to a static monitor st..

M8 Crossbar Monitor Arm 2-3 Days

M8 Crossbar Monitor Arm

The M8’s high weight capacity allows it to easily accommodate dual-monitor applications.Using the o..

M8 Monitor Arm 2-3 Days

M8 Monitor Arm

The M8 monitor arm allows the user to work in a healthy posture through setting one or multiple mo..

MFlex 2-3 Days


M/Flex, Humanscale’s multi-monitor arm system, can go from one to six monitors in minutes without th..