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The EvoluentD Wireless from Bakker Elkhuizen - Ergonomic Specialists.


The EvoluentD Wireless is a vertical mouse that is held in a handshake position by the user, it reduces and prevents (physical) discomfort. The user's wrist bends less from side to side and the lower arm rotates less. The Evoluent D is made from high-quality materials to create a premium look and feel.

  • Ergonomic: With the unique indentation on the buttons, the user's hand and fingers are positioned in a neutral posture.
  • Design: This mouse has a premium look and feel due to the high-quality materials that were used, its modern design and the chrome housing.
  • Grip: Compared to some earlier versions, the design of this mouse is less spherical. On top of that, the mouse features unique textures to create a comfortable grip.
  • Wireless: The wireless receiver has a range of at least ten metres. Furthermore, the mouse's battery has a lifespan of three months.
  • Driver: No driver is needed for the mouse's standard functionalities (plug and play). Installing the driver will make the mouse's buttons fully programmable.
  • Usability: With five buttons and a clickable scroll wheel, users can work with optimal efficiency. Furthermore, the DPI button and hidden LED indicators make it easy to switch between preferred settings.

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