Ergonomic Equipment

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6G Keyboard Tray 2-3 Days

6G Keyboard Tray

6G Keyboard Tray from Humanscale.In many ways, a keyboard support is the heart of an ergonomic works..

Active Stand Walking Board 2-3 Days

Active Stand Walking Board

Get motivated to stand, improve your health and live longer!Active Stand consists of 3 layers. The l..

Addit ErgoDoc document holder 2-3 Days

Addit ErgoDoc document holder

A very effective, in-line A3 document holder. This Ergo­Doc  is height adjustable in six small..

Anir Mouse 2-3 Days

Anir Mouse

The vertical joystick Anir Mouse encourages a natural vertical hand..

Back App 360 Wobble Board 2-3 Days

Back App 360 Wobble Board

The movement is cushioned and adjustable which makes it both safe and comforta..

CityLite Compact Backpack 2-3 Days

CityLite Compact Backpack

A perfect backpack to carry your laptop, accessories and documents ..

CityLite Security Backpack 2-3 Days

CityLite Security Backpack

Do you often use public transport, or do you often carry yo..

CityLite Slipcase 2-3 Days

CityLite Slipcase

This bag features a spacious main compartment for your lapt..

Compact 950 2-3 Days

Compact 950

UltraBoard 950 is the latest compact keyboard from Bakker Elkhuizen..

DeskAdd 2-3 Days


DeskAdd with integrated wrist/palm rest and mouse mat. Additional desk space is gained since th..

Element 790 2-3 Days

Element 790

The Element 790 task light is Humanscale's response to the need for intelligent workspace lighting. ..

Element Disc 2-3 Days

Element Disc

The Element Disc task light brings together advanced technology and optimal functionality. An innova..

Element Vision 2-3 Days

Element Vision

The Element Vision task light offers a generous foot-print of gla..

Ergo Traveller 2-3 Days

Ergo Traveller

The Ergo Traveller is a unique ergonomic laptop bag that le..

Evoluent Lefthanded Keyboard 2-3 Days

Evoluent Lefthanded Keyboard

The Evoluent Left-handed keyboard has its numeric keypad on the left si..