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Ad-Lib Motion 2-3 Days

Ad-Lib Motion

Ad-Lib Motion from The Senator Group.The Ad-Lib Motion is a multi-purpose chair that's ide..

Ad-Lib Scholar 2-3 Days

Ad-Lib Scholar

Ad-Lib Scholar from The Senator Group.Ad-Lib Scholar multi-purpose chair has been designed ..

Doni Collection 2-3 Days

Doni Collection

Doni Collection from KI.Spontaneous, sophisticated, energetic, engaging. Dōni's flui..

Gnosi 2-3 Days


Gnosi from Sedia Systems. The Gnosi is a collection of chairs designed to perform in any s..

Grazie 2-3 Days


Grazie from KI.The Grazie Collection features the world..

Intellect Wave 2-3 Days

Intellect Wave

Intellect Wave from KI.Exceedingly durable and comfortable seating for every applica..

MyWay 2-3 Days


MyWay from KI. With MyWay, it’s all about giving you the freedom and flexibility to create spa..

Opt4 2-3 Days


Opt4 from KI.Opt4 chairs and bar stools feature simple, refined style and four material options. Sel..

Postura+ 2-3 Days


Postura+ from KI. The UK’s most popular school chair, Postura+ has..

Ruckus 2-3 Days


Ruckus from KI.Ruckus is not so much an evolution as a revolution. It..

Soltice Metal 2-3 Days

Soltice Metal

Soltice Metal from KI.Soltíce Metal multiple seating simple design allows for true versatility in sp..

Strive Collection 2-3 Days

Strive Collection

Strive from KI.A collection of simple, ergonomic & elegant seating for all le..

Torsion on the Go 2-3 Days

Torsion on the Go

Torsion on the Go from KI. Ideal for fast-paced, collaborativ..