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InMotion from Lee and Plumpton - Contemporary Furniture for Commercial Interiors.


An ideal solution to bring wellbeing to the workplace, InMotion sit-stand desks come in single or back to back versions to make the most of your project space. Whether a full installation or to complement existing furniture, InMotion will add style and movement.

With Sit/Stand desking the latest workplace revolution there are numerous benefits associated with the trend. InMotion provides an industry-leading design that offers end-users several benefits with these being:

  • Promotes Creativity: Studies show that standing desks can boost creativity and even make you more receptive to collaboration.
  • Burns Calories: Standing burns more calories than sitting down.
  • Beats Fatigue: Simply being on your feet can stop you from feeling as tired and boost your motivation.
  • Improves Productivity: By standing up you feel more alert, which helps you to stay focused on the task in hand.
  • Better Posture: No more slouching in your chair or hunching over your desk.

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