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InnoTab from Four Design – An Ocee International Company.


InnoTab takes learning comfort to a higher level. This writing tablet is designed for cooperative learning. Adjust the patented, movable writing tablet for your individual use, and listen to a lecture or work in small groups. The moveable writing tablet gives you easy access to the chair. With the patented InnoTab you can always upgrade your FourCast Wheeler and FourSure 66 chairs later for maximum utilization in any educational environment. Like all FourDesign products, it offers you great value for money and a lot of flexibility.

  • Compatibility: InnoTab is compatible with both the FourSure 66 and FourMe 66.
  • Sustainability: The chair can be separated into parts and recycled. Can be delivered in a 100% recycled material (colour: Black).
  • Customisable: Polyshell in different colours (refer to FourSure 66 and FourMe 66 finish options).
  • Warranty: Extended warranty of 5 year
  • Weight (FourSure 66): 7.4 kg. With Inno Tab: +4,2 kg.
  • Weight (FourMe 66): 7,9 kg. With Inno Tab: +4,2 kg.


                 FourSure 66                                         FourMe 66