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Stilo from Dauphin HumanDesign - Bringing Ergonomics to Life.


The Stilo range offers you the optimum seating solution when it comes to ergonomics, design and ease of operation as well as a good price/performance ratio. The Stilo series has the right solution for every need: there are attractive entry-level options available as well as a generously fitted comfort version – Stilo swivel chairs are reliable partners to the workplace. With a choice of three upholstery designs, two ergonomics concepts and focus on your individual needs. Maximum seating comfort and ergonomic support are guaranteed.

  • Lumbar support: Adjust the height of the lumbar support roughly to belt height. Do this by sliding the lumbar support to the position you want.
  • Infinite seat-height adjustment: to raise the seat: take your weight off the seat, pull the lever; to lower the
  • seat: put your weight on the seat, pull the lever.
  • Optional: Fine adjustment of the spring force.
  • Multifunctional armrests: 10 cm height-adjustable (press button), on each side 3 cm width-adjustable and 4 cm depth-adjustable (move pad forwards/backwards); 30° swivel range on both sides.
  • Back locking and travel limitation: Back tilt (0° - 21°) can be adjusted by limiting the travel in 4 positions, can be locked in 0° position by pushing/pulling the button.
  • Seat-depth adjustment: 6 cm using sliding seat; greater: pull lever, move seat forwards; less: take your weight off the seat, pull the lever.

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