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Libero from Corrigo - Specialist Ergonomic Seating.

The Libero is Corrigo’s specialist back care model.  It offers bespoke support to improve posture and keep you in an upright position.  The backrest can be finely tuned to your exact sitting angle from a forward to backward incline and the armrests can be adjusted in width so they support your arms by your side. Libero’s high level of adjustability means that it can prevent and reduce general postural pain, as well as chronic back conditions such as: sciatica, RSI, frozen shoulder, slipped, degenerating or bulging disc, neck pain, knee and hip pain, fibromyalgia, spondylosis and hypermobility syndrome and is recommended for post back surgery use.


The Libero is suitable for both very petite users (size 1) as well as the average to tall user (size 2 and 3) – see the sizing guide for more information.

  • Extra Padded Backrest with inflatable lumbar support, adjustable in both height and support depth, to fit your own lumbar curve exactly.
  • Optional Headrest: adjusts to fit your own neck height and position providing support exactly where it is required
  • Thoracic support (between your shoulder blades), promoting an upright posture
  • Height-adjustable seat to adjust to your own sitting height.
  • Seat angle can be set at either a horizontal to forward tilt, to suit your own comfort levels
  • Backrest angle can be finely tuned to your own postural requirements from a forward to backward tilt, maximising pressure relief from the spine
  • Free float or set backrest movement that can be adjusted to your own body weight and sitting angle requirements.
  • Height, depth and width adjustable arms that allow full access to the desk and ensure the support adjusts to suit you, providing maximum relief from pressure build-up in the neck, shoulders and spine
  • Horseshoe-shaped seat for ventilation and extra sitting comfort, highly padded