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Diffusion from Corrigo - Specialist Ergonomic Seating.


The Corrigo backrest is specially designed to cradle the back in exactly the right place for your own spine shape to minimise pressure and tension build-up. The slim shape not only provides lower back support but also support between the shoulder blades, encouraging an upright, open-chested posture and allowing freedom of movement. Available in three sizes, each chair is highly adjustable to suit the individual.

  • Extra Padded Backrest with inflatable lumbar support, adjustable in both height and support depth, to fit your own lumbar curve exactly
  • Thoracic support (between your shoulder blades), promoting an upright posture
  • Height adjustable Seat to adjust to your own sitting height.
  • Adjustable backrest angle, from upright to relaxed backward angle to suit your own postural requirements
  • An optional headrest that adjusts in height and angle to provide support where your head needs it
  • Free float or set backrest movement that can be adjusted to your own body weight
  • Height and depth arms that allow full access to the desk and provide pressure relief for your shoulders, neck, and spine.
  • Waterfall edged seat with memory foam that prevents pressure on your thighs and behind your knees.
  • Depth adjustable seat that adjusts to suit your thigh length.

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